Research is in our DNA. Since our very beginning, in 2000, we have been a teaching and a research institution focused on professional development in healthcare. We know that continuous learning within a healthcare institution is fundamental to achieve and maintain care efficiency and we believe that it should be based on several inseparable components: safe care, humanization, teaching, research and adequate management of resources.

We actively participate in multi-center research projects of international quality and many of those are developed by ISG itself in a variety of areas, including: Cardiology, Intensive Care, Digestive Tract Surgery, Orthopedics, Neurosurgery, Physiotherapy, Nursing, Psychology, Nutrition and Pharmacy.

We have a team of professionals with high technical and scientific background. New partnerships are being continuously celebrated with major institutions of national and international reputation, highlighting the relevance of the Instituto Sócrates Guanaes Institute together with the best health services in the country and the world.

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