Health through education

We understand that teaching is an essential tool to achieve the necessary efficiency in the health sector. We train professionals to take care of our population with a focus on quality and humanization. We offer extension courses, medical and multi-professional residencies, symposia, seminars, congresses and other professional development opportunities.

Medical and multi-professional residencies

We are today an important human resources training center in critical care Critics in Brazil. We offer lato sensu type of postgraduate courses, in the form of Medical and Multi-professional Residency, in the health units under our management. In these nineteen years of operation, we have formed more than five hundred
specialists in various areas of health who today work throughout the country caring for and saving lives.

Medical residency

  • General surgery
  • Internal Medicine
  • Intensive medicine
  • Emergency medicine
  • Anesthesiology

Multi-professional residency

  • Intensive Care Nursing. in 2002, we were the first in the country to implement this course model in Brazil, in the same format as a medical residency.
  • Hospital Physiotherapy with emphasis on Intensive Care.
  • Clinical Nutrition and Intensive Care.
  • Multi-professional Healthcare Program (Nursing, Biomedicine and Pharmacy)

All courses are accredited by the National Multi-professional Residency Commission and in the Professional Area of Health (CNRMS), and are in line with national legislation.

Extension courses

Training focused mainly on areas of high complexity, such as first aid, urgency and emergency, intensive care, humanization and management. More than five thousand professionals trained in various health areas.

Reanime (Resuscitate)

Basic Life Support and Automatic External Defibrillation. An approach to the victim of cardiorespiratory arrest through resuscitation maneuvers (Basic Life Support) and Automatic External Defibrillation.


Basic Foundations of Intensive Nursing.
Immersion training for professionals who work or have the ability to work in the area of intensive care nursing. Theory and practice: addresses topics seen more frequently within intensive care units, corroborated by practical stations.


Concepts related to humanization in healthcare, stressor aspects, possibilities of intervention in the environment and with the team. It stimulates reflection on critical and family care, seeking improvement in the quality of care provided and in the work environment.

FBVM – Fundamentals in Mechanical Ventilation.

Prepare the student for initial setup and ventilatory adjustments in the main basic modes of ventilation, respiratory failure syndromes and obstructive pulmonary diseases, including the basic management of noninvasive ventilation and notions of simple ventilatory weaning. Aimed at professionals not specialists in the subject and for those who want to improve their knowledge.


Fundamental Critical Care Support. The course demonstrates and trains care skills in the most frequent situations in Intensive Care Medicine for adults through theoretical exposures and simulation of practical situations.


Intensive nursing care

  • Patient safety
  • Surgical patient safety
  • Hygiene in health services
  • Infection control in health services
  • Hospital indicators
  • Calculation and administration of medicines
  • Wounds and covers
  • Applied hospital logistics
  • Management development
  • Nr32: biosafety in health
  • Waste management of health services
  • Hospital billing management in the sus
  • Service with excellence
  • Meeting management
  • Project management
  • Infection and sepsis.

Personalized courses

We assess, in loco, the needs of each client, institution or community, who come to us for personalized courses and develop customized courses for them.

All developed courses strictly follow all applicable national legislations and are accredited by the Ministry of Education (MEC).

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